Kenswell was established 20 years.
Ago as a specialized manufacturer of guide wire liners and other types of liners.

Main products
.Extruded plastic parts .Interior lubricated tube for control cables
.Tubing having lubricant background .Coated wire
.Hydraulic hoses .Reflective coils
.Protective coils .Tubes and hoses

DIY Reflective coil
. Easy to install
. Many attractire Styles and combinations
. Can be attractire to bicycle spoke cable      etc
. Full range of fit differnt diameters
. Bright reflection for safer cycling

. For control cable inner use
. Even spread of interior lubrication
. Reduces processing stages
. Reduces oil staining on the finished      products

We are a professional manufacturer
of all kinds hsoe
. Customer orders aranlable


Specialist manufacturer of all kinds cable for exercise equipment
. PVC coated cable
. Nylon coated cable
. Wire rope accessorles


Kenswell Tube Forming Inc.
Tel:886-4-26352315 Fax:886-4-26356959 kenswell@ms33.hinet.net
#108 Alley 88 Ln 221 Chung Hua Rd Sec 1,Lungching Taichung Hsien,43450, TAIWAN.